• PPR Submersible Pump Pipe Manufacturer and Supplier

    Fusion ® submersible flange joint piping system in a innovation in the history of PPR pipes. Because keeping in mind all the short coming of the existing available pipes for submersible pump. We have innovated an ultimate submersible piping system.


    • Long life span - 50 to 100 years as per DIN-8077/78.
    • Fusion PPR-Pipe is Food Grade and Hygienic.
    • Easy Installation - conventional jointing system.
    • Low cost.
    • Low electric consumption due to more out-put and less pumping hours.
    • Resistance ton chemicals - Even with higher temperature up to 100 C as per ISO - 7471

    Range Of PPR Submersible Flange Pipes And Coil Pipes
    The below mentioned are the dimension available in 3 mtrs length welded with flange socket with MS- Ring on the end of both sides.

    PPR Submersible Pump Pipes Manufacturer Suppliers India
    max.use up to 250 ft.
    max.use up to 400 ft.
    max.use up to 500ft.
    max.use up to 625 ft.
    1" 1" 1" 1"
    1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
    1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"
    2" 2" 2" 2"
    2 1/2" 2 1/2" 2 1/2" 2 1/2"
    3" 3" 3" 3"
    4" 4" 4" 4"
    Accessories for all series of pipes will remain same
    1" 1" 1"
    1 1/4" 1 1/4" 1 1/4"
    1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"
    2" 2" 2"
    2 1/2" 2 1/2" 2 1/2"
    3" 3" 3"
    4" 4" 4"

  • Hindustan A.C. Pressure Pipes

    Why to go for HINDUSTAN PIPES
    • Non corrosive and works with the salty water also with full performance.
    • The imported Asbestos Fibre is more durable and rigid incompare to the iron pipes.
    • These pipes are not affected by Fire, Heat or sunlight.
    • To bore the holes in this pipes are easy and cheap.
    • Life of HINDUSTAN Pipes is high,lasts more than 20 years.
    • These pipes are lighter inweight incompare to iron pipes so transport and fitting is easy.
    • In compare with iron pipes,1/4 times cheaper.

    Technical Specs:
    • Available in 8(200 mm),10(250 mm),12(300 mm) inch class 10,12 and 15 also.
    • ISI marked A.C. Pressure Pipes.
    • Indias 1st ISI marked 12 class A.C. Pressure Pipes.
    • Available specially for Bore fitting plants with all the above mentioned size.
    Hindustan A.C. Pressure Pipes

  • Screen Pipes

    What is V-Wire Screen
    Johnson Well screens are manufactured with V-shaped profile wire which is spirally wound around a cage of longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wire is fusion welded. The pitch of winding gives different spacing between two adjacent turns of wire. This spacing gives passage for water to enter. The entire process is completed on fully computerized machines.

    • Higher Discharge
    • Better Sand Control
    • Reduce Pumping Head
    • Energy Saver
    • Non Clogging Slots
    • Non Corrosive
    • Long Life

    Salient Features
    • Non Clogging Slots : V-Shape wire which gives inwardly widening V-Shape slots. This shape does not give space for any sand particle to get stuck inside the slot and hence these screens are NON CLOGGING. Hence, the efficiency of tube well is not reduced over no. of years due to clogging.
    • Very Large % Open Area : This design gives continuous slot and hence the % open area for water to enter is more than 2 times that of conventional slotted pipes of any size and slot opening. This allows more water to enter at much lesser frictional head loss and the efficiency of tube well is improved appreciably.
    • Better Sand Filtration : Due to specialized manufacturing process, wide range of slot opening is available down to 0.15 mm to allow proper slot selection depending upon the size of sand in particular area. This gives better sand control and reduced pump maintenance and longer tube well life.
    • Energy Saving : Due to reduced frictional head losses and increased discharge, the pump load reduces the power required to pump same quantity of water. Power saving of around 20-25% is observed.
    V-Wire Screen

    V-Wire Screen




    Technical Specification

    NB 1.5", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14"
    Slot (mm) 0.15,0.25, 0.50, 0.75,1.00,1.50,2.00,3.00
    Lengths 6 Mts. & 3 Mts.
    Grades Different grades suitable for tube well depths upto 300 ft., 600 ft., 900 ft. and 1500 ft.
    Material Low Carbon Galvanized Steel ( LCG ) and Stainless Steel ( SS-304 )
    End Connection Plain beveled ends for butt welding or threaded.

  • KSB Pumps

    1> KSB Pumps - Ama Porter

    Product Features For Ama Porter
    • Vertical monobloc pump set .
    • Free flow impeller of 2 sizes
    • Available in 1 & 3 phase supply with IP 68 protection
    • Built-in thermal overload protection, float switch, bi-directional mechanical seal

    Operating Data For Ama Porter
    • Design : Monobloc pumpset
    • Pump size : DN 50 mm
    • Capacity : up to 29 m3/hr
    • Head : up to 16 m
    • Motor rating : up to 1.5 kW
    • Temperature : up to 40º C
    • Material : C. I.

    Applications Of Ama Porter
    • Pumping of surface water
    • Pumping of rain water
    • Waste water containing solids
    • Drainage of sumps liable to flood

    2> KSB Pumps - Monosub R

    Product Features For Monosub R
    • KSB, a leading manufacture of pumps offers its clients the latest pumping technology through a variety of pumpsets designed for the future.
    • KSB Submercible Monobloc Pumpset can be installed in open well and sumps.
    • KSB Submercible Monobloc Pumpset are made using sophisticated and advanced manufacturing processes to insure top class performance of the pumps.

    Applications Of Monosub R
    • Flood irrigation through Openwells and Drugwells.
    • Irrigation through Sprinklers and Drip systems.
    • Community water supply.
    • Water Suply to bunglows and high rise buildings.
    • Household water supply - Single Phase Pumps.
    • Industrial water supply.
    • Cooling circuits in HVAC.
    • Decorative fountains.
    • De-watering of basement storm water
    Monosub R

  • Submersible Pumps

    Product Features For Submersible
    • High efficiency
    • Available in radial & mixed flow impeller designs
    • Low power consumption
    • Easily serviceable
    • Environment friendly

    Operating Data For Submersible
    • Design : Submersible Motor Pump
    • Pump size : 150 mm to 350 mm
    • Type series : UQD, BPD, BPH,UPH, BPN, BPVs, BQTs
    • Capacity : up to 900 m3/hr
    • Head : up to 300 m
    • Motor power : up to 110 kW

    Applications Of Submersible
    • Agriculture
    • Sprinkler / Drip irrigation
    • Drinking water supply
    • Mine de-watering
    • Commercial complexes
    • Sea water desalination
    • Pressure boosting

  • Deep Well Installation

  • Submercibal Pump Control Unit (TC C&S)

    D.O.L Type - BE1-SSD

    Product Features For D.O.L Type - BE1-SSD
    • TC Submersible Pump Control unit are available in Direct-on-line and Star Delta versions for complete protection of Submersible Pumps used in both agriculture and industrial applications. These Control Units are designed to provide protection to Submersible Pumps against overload, single phasing, phase reversal and phase unbalance besides incorporating user-friendly features. They are designed to suit rugged Indian conditions and comply with IEC 947-4-1 & IS13947-4-1.
    D.O.L Type - BE1-SSD D.O.L Type - BE1-SSD

    Product Range
    • Submersible Pump Control Unit, DOL: Standard / Deluxe.
    • Submersible Pump Control Unit, Star Delta: Standard / Deluxe.

    Features & Benefits Submersible Pumps Protection
    • Thermal overload Relay Type LR3 provides protection against operational overload, single phasing and unbalanced voltage.
    • Single Phase preventor assures complete and reliable protection against single phasing, phase unbalance, phase reversal.
    • Protection against short circuit through incomer MCB is optional.

    D.O.L Type - BE1-SSD D.O.L Type - BE1-SSD
    • 4 Pole contactor rating 20A & 25A , AC3 duty at 415V, 50Hz for long trouble free life.
    • Wide band, reliable, no-volt coils with options 200 - 400V/250-440V to suit field conditions.
    • Fixed and moving contacts, field replaceable.
    • Main, Star and Delta contactors same rating in Star Delta Version Submersible Pump Control Unit.

    Star Delta Type - BE3-SSD Star Delta Type - BE3-SSD

    Additional Features
    • Auto-Manual Switch.
    • Auto Start with in-built 45 +5 or -5 sec delay facility.
    • By-Pass Switch for SPP provision to suit capacitor usage at site.

    Star Delta Type - BE3-SSD Star Delta Type - BE3-SSD
    • Auto-Manual Switch.
    • Auto Start with in-built 45 +5 or -5 sec delay facility.
    • By-Pass Switch for SPP provision to suit capacitor usage at site.
    • Ammeter and Voltmeter.
    • Motor "ON" & Motor "OFF" rugged Push Buttons.
    • Motor "ON" and Motor "Trip" Neon indicating lamps.
    • Electro Pneumatic Timer with 40 +15 or -15 msec. field adjustable, for reliable changeover from Star to Delta mode.
    • Optional 3 Phase (RYB) Neon Indicating lamps.
    • Optional Voltmeter selector switch.
    • Optional TP MCB "C" curve for short circuit protection.
    • Separate Terminal Blocks for easy termination of aluminium cables for incoming / outgoing.
    • "Stop" Push-Button having turn to lock facilities in Auto Mode.
    • Provision to connect external device i.e. dry run protector or liquid level controller or time switch.
    • Spacious sheet steel, powder coated smart & elegant enclosure with EPDM gasket for protection against/vermin/